Why have safety & health programs?

The best safety and health programs involve every level of your company, instilling a safety culture that reduces accidents for workers and improves the bottom line for business owners. When Safety and Health are part of a company’s and a way of life, everyone wins.

Taking risk is part of running a business, particularly for small businesses, like doing research, where available funds are limited and competition for them is fierce. But some risks are just not worth the gamble. One of these is risking the safety and health of those who work for you.

Does a safety and health program really make a difference?  Definitely!

Major corporations, small business owners, safety organizations, and government agencies alike all recognize that the actual cost of a lost-workday injury is substantially greater than meets the eye, and those costs keep escalating. For every dollar you spend on the direct costs of a worker’s injury or illness, you will spend far more to cover the indirect hidden costs.  Consider what one lost-workday injury would cost you in terms of:

• Productive time lost by an injured employee;
• Time lost by the supervisors and others attending the accident victim;
• Clean up and start of the interrupted operations;
• Hiring and training the replacement for the injured worker, until he/she returns;
• Time and cost for repair or reordering of any damaged equipment;
• Time and cost of restarting and repeating the experiment;
• Cost of continuing the employee’s wages and possible compensation; and
• Cost of litigation, if employee or union takes it to court.

In addition, the company may lose credibility as a caring and safety-conscious employer, resulting in reduced employee morale, lowered efficiency and high turnover rate. Increase in workers’ compensation insurance rates and the time spent in completing the paperwork generated by the accident are additional costs.

Thus, accidents cost money, in addition to potentially causing injuries and even death.

Americana Safety Associates, LLC helps to protect businesses by mitigating dangers, risks and injuries.  Our qualified safety and engineering professionals are located nationwide and ready to assist you.

Contact our office today at 888.339.8540 or email us at info@AmericanaSafety.com


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