OSHA Non-Compliance is Costly


Staying on OSHA’s good side makes perfect sense. Businesses that want to avoid costly OSHA citations/penalties need to understand that there are many written safety programs and employee training courses that OSHA requires to protect the health and safety of employees and that businesses must strictly adhere to. That is the law!

The two major OSHA regulatory standards that businesses must follow are categorized as General Industry (29 CFR 1910) and Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926).  Depending on what activities your involved in, your business will probably fall under one or the other of these two regulatory standards. Within these standards are numerous occupational activities that specifically detail the employer and employee requirements to be regulatory compliant and to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

Continual changes and updates in OSHA standards and the difficulty understanding them can challenge companies with even the best safety records. In addition to those written safety programs and employee training courses required by federal OSHA, several states have adopted specific regulatory requirements for business operating within their jurisdiction.

Failure to adopt and enforce regulatory compliant written safety programs and employee training courses could cause businesses additional legal trouble should any of their employee suffer a significant workplace injury, illness or at worse, a fatality. The legal costs and victim compensation awarded for employee personal injuries can be devastating to a businesses reputation and and even its survivability.

To avoid the potential of costly OSHA citations/penalties and employee personal injury lawsuit compensation, businesses must be proactive. Ignorance of the law is no defense!

With this realization, American Safety created a division, Americana Safety Software, to address those business needs to ensure their regulatory compliance. Our more than 180 written safety programs and employee training courses were developed and written by qualified and experienced safety professionals. Our software products are immediately downloadable, affordable and editable.  Additionally, we offer more than 900 safety DVD videos to compliment your employee training program.

Visit our store today to view our entire product line: http://www.AmericanaSafetySoftware.com


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