Safety Save Your Business

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it” – Sir Winston Churchill

blog picJust think for a moment how meaningful that statement is. Among the important aspects of knowing your company’s history involves being truthful to those facts, no matter how bad the answer.

As a business leader, manager or owner you should know the basic principle, vision and values of why your business was created.  Your business either provides a needed product to a consumer base or valuable service to an industry or community.  But most of all, your business was created to provide sufficient revenue to make a profit.

Here are six interesting questions you should answer:

  1. Who is managing your company’s safety program and is this person qualified?
  2. What are your company’s workplace safety strengths and weaknesses?
  3. When was the health and direction of your safety program last discussed by management?
  4. Where are your OSHA record keeping logs kept and has a trend analysis been conducted?
  5. Why have your company work-related injuries and costs fell or risen?
  6. How has the overall cost associated with work-related injuries affected your profitability?

These six intriguing questions are made for you to think about and hopefully uncover the historical facts on where your company has been and where it may likely repeat if no course change is made.

Whatever the answer, understand that safety and profitability do go hand-in hand!

Excerpt from “Live Long and Prosper – Safety Save Your Business” by Joseph DeMaria, Ph.D.; Copyright 2014, DeMaria Publishing; Americana Safety


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